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Heritage Project Update : October 2017

We will be holding an exhibition in the church from Saturday 28th October, to mark the 100th anniversary of the death of Robert Cecil Burlingham, who was killed in action on the 2nd November 1917, aged 21, during the Third Battle of Gaza.

An article on Robert Cecil Burlingham has been submitted to the Norfolk in World War One website, for publication on the anniversary of his death.

Heritage Project Update : September 2017

As part of our research into Wood Norton’s WW1 war memorial, we have been in contact with the Norfolk in World War One project, which is run by the Norfolk Library and Information Service.  We have submitted three articles to them which will be published on their website:

We hope to submit further articles for publication relating to our WW1 servicemen.

Heritage Project Update : October 2016

Our research into Wood Norton’s WW1 heroes progressed further with the visit of Peter Ducker, nephew of Alfred Ducker.  Peter and his wife were thrilled to learn many hitherto unknown facts about their relative.  We look forward to exchanging information about this former resident of Wood Norton.

 Heritage Project Update: September 2016

The Wood Norton at Domesday and Down the Village Street displays continue in the Church, together with the Renewal in the Community display, which gives information on the building and renovation work to be undertaken in the church as a result of successful funding bids.  We have had very positive feedback on our displays – ‘some fine heritage work’, ‘a fascinating historical display’ – so do take the opportunity to come and see them and leave your comments in the book provided.

Work on the Heritage Project continues, with research being undertaken to produce a new church guide, and updating the information on our WW1 servicemen (for example, updating the biography for William Forbes Norris to include the 54th Cyclist Company war diaries, where he is mentioned).  We are also taking the opportunity to make a photographic record of the old headstones on the churchyard before they deteriorate further, and link them with the memorial inscription information already held.  We have been contacted, following up from the displays at the open gardens event on the 3 July, by a relative of Alfred Ducker (WW1 soldier, killed in action), which is very rewarding, and we have already been in touch with two other great nephews and one great niece of our WW1 servicemen.  We are looking forward to meeting them when they visit the village.

A look through our archives shows that at the church service held on the 4 August 1916, the Revd C.B. Lipscomb remarked a ‘very good congregation, second anniversary of the war’, and on 10 September 1916 that £5 18s 4d was collected for the ‘Lord Kitchener Memorial’ (a fund set up following the death of Lord Kitchener, which was put to good use by giving relief to the casualties of war).  Our next display in the church will be a commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the death of Wilfred George Lake (killed at the Somme, 10 September 1916).

If you have any photos, stories, information, or would like to contribute to the Heritage Project, please contact Ivor Wells (ivorwells@btinternet.com) or Joanne Burd (jpb@burd.eclipse.co.uk).

Wood Norton Heritage

Having already embarked upon a number of projects such as the building of the Millennium Village Hall and the planting of the Community Orchard, residents of Wood Norton are now looking to extend their programme of activity and their commitment to community values by exploring the heritage of the village.

To achieve this a forum needs to set out methods required to explore and record the history and environmental heritage by examining the evidence of human activity, recording collective experience and through exploration of the natural environment. The heritage of the village can then be presented in an illustrative way, through guides, booklets, displays, and oral presentations, using All Saints Church as an exhibition centre.

At a meeting held on Thursday June 4th 2015, discussion centred on two aspects of our heritage in particular. Following a most interesting talk by Emily Nobbs from Norfolk Wildlife Trust about the Trust’s ‘Living Landscape’ project, it was proposed to develop a Heritage Trail around Wood Norton.

The second aspect was a historical focus: upon the village at the time of the First World War, which is both topical and a good starting point for reference. One volunteer has offered to research, via the 1911 census, the names, occupations and places of residence of people in the village at that time and this information will clearly form a springboard for further exploration.

If you feel that you could contribute to this project, or would simply like to register your interest at this stage, then please email  ivorwells@btinternet.com or phone 01362 684287.

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