Past Community Events: 2017.

October 1st. At the Harvest Supper.

The 32nd. Grand Draw of the One Hundred Club was made.

The prize winners were:

1st. prize of £100: Chris Dagless.

2nd. prize: £50:Jan O’Regan

and 3rd. prize: £35 to Anthony and Kirsty Walden.

Congratulations to our Grand Draw winners and all those throughout the year!             Thank you to everyone for your year of support of the Club and we now begin the new year and renewal of membership for 2017/18. Please contact Kay, Ian (683731) or Sue (683262) if you would like to renew-at £10 for the year-or to enrol for the first time.                                                                                     New members are, of course, very welcome!

27th. August:  The Horticultural Show.

After living through a few nail-biting weeks of anticipation-Will the sun shine? Will anyone come?-  the weather and the villagers pulled out the stops!  The day dawned warm and brightly and remained so throughout. The trickle of exhibitors became a steady stream by the end of the registration period, at eleven o’clock.

Here few of the two hundred  entries in the many categories that were available!

Your hosts, Norman and John   

Congratulations go to the winners of the various categories , which were:-                                                Fruit & Veg; Jenny Marchant.                                                                                                        Flowers; Jayne Benton.                                                                                                                               Home Produce; Emma Crowe.                                                                                                                       Pot Plants; Norman Johnson.                                                                                                                       Handicraft; Vanessa Pratt.                                                                                                               Children’s; Matthew Etsell,                                                                                                                         and the Open Fun section; Jane Gleave.

Vanessa Pratt’s                                                                                       entry also won her the “People’s Vote”of Best in Show!


Jayne Benton,                                                                                        who was awarded the Overall Show Winner Certificate for her Floral Art.

A great number turned out in the afternoon to enjoy the exhibits, the sunshine and tea, cakes and natter!  Altogether a most rewarding social event for the village and a sum of £477 raised to be shared between the Village Hall and All Saints’ Church.

The success of this, our first Horticultural Show and cries of “Encore!” means that, hopefully, we will be making this an annual event!     Watch this Space for next year’s Date!

The Community Orchard had their own Stall, out in the sunshine, where their offerings of jams and preserves drew custom and added to the funds needed, not least to pay for the Insurance which has to be provided.

And the Wood Norton Village Playground committee raised a fabulous £118 at the Show all going into the pot for acquiring the playground equipment. Thank you to all who supported-and we hope you enjoyed your Crumbles!


6th. May, 2017:                                                                                                                                        The new flagpole in place, with its plaque commemorating Peggy Crowe, d.2002.


2017 “One Hundred Club” Draws:

January:  Diana Nudd, Sandra Henderson, Harry Crowe.

February:  Dennis Nudd,  Jan Fulton, Carol Lack.

March:   Dennis Nudd,   Sam Daykin,  Terry Henderson.

April:  Carol Lack, Ellie Pearson,  Larry Condon.

May:  Emma Crowe,  Theresa Ward,   Kay Dive.

June:  Alfie Daykin,  L & J Jennings,  J & J Benton.

July:  Simon Crowe,  Phillip Knights,  Fyn Walden.

August:  Mr. & Mrs. G. Paris,  Simon Crowe,  Jayne & Jim Benton.



“One Hundred Club” Draws:

January:   Peter Mead, Hazel & Richard Palmer, Birute & Michael Bell.

February:  Tim & Jane Lidstone-Scott;   Peter & Sandra Eaton;  Thomas Ward.

March: Jonathan Hollings;  Jan Fulton;  Rosine Hunt.

April:  Jenny & Paul Marchant;  Diana Shipp;  Dorcas Handerson,

May:  Sheridan family;  Marlene Cullum;  Simon Crowe.

June:  Carol Robson;  Sandra Henderson;  Reggie Pope.

July:  Jonathan Hollings;  Stephen Riley;  Emma Crowe.

August:  Loraine & Doug O’Keefe;  Graham Larter;  Dorcas Henderson.

September:  Thomas Ward;  Marshall Guarnieri;  Rosemary Ditchman.

OCTOBER;  Thirtieth Anniversary Grand Draw.

£100,  Stephen Riley.  £50,  Simon Crowe.  £35,   Ian Dive.

November:   Tess & Paul Morley;  Mr. & Mr. G. Paris;  Wendy & Billy Symonds .

December:  The Ripa family;  Jenny & Paul Marchant;  Emma Crowe.







UP the GARDEN PATH;  July 3rd: 2016.


Open Gardens around the Village.

With enormous thanks to the eight gardeners throwing open their garden gates to more than five hundred visitors, plus the fantastic stalls and refreshments at the Village Hall and in Meg’s garden and Vintage Teas in the Church the wonderful sum of £4640 was raised through the efforts of the “entire village” pulling together.     This, to be divided equally (£1546)  between the Village Hall, The Church and EACH, (East Anglia Childrens’ Hospice) the villagers’ chosen charity.

Also at the Church, in support of the ongoing conservation management, the Norfolk Wildlife Trust had their own presentation, to ‘spread the word’ to our visitors.  Their notes on the day are transcribed below.


The NWT had the pleasure of being part of Wood Norton’s Open Gardens event, “Up the Garden Path” – a festival of gardens, the churchyard, horticultural delights, activities, fabulous food and refreshments.

NWT had a prominent position on the short-mown grass at the front of the churchyard; here we promoted the NWT Churchyard Conservation Scheme which Wood Norton church recently joined,  The scheme’s members manage parts of the churchyard for wildflowers and wildlife.  The churchyard in some villages is the only remaining  unimproved grassland habitat.  A habitat which left uncut over the spring and summer   months is awash with a diversity of wildflowers.                                                                          NWT staff  and volunteers spoke with people from Wood Norton and parishioners from neighbouring villages and further afield about the benefits of joining the Scheme and how to get involved.  There was a nature quiz trail around the churchyard for families, as well as the option of doing sweep-netting for bugs and butterflies in the longer grass.          Species highlights from the day included: Butterflies; speckled wood (Pararge aegeria), meadow brown (Maniola jurtina) and ringlet Aphanotopushyperantus);                                                                                                             Wild flowers;  common cat’s ear (Hypochaeris radicata), meadow buttercup (Ranunculus acris),  oxeye daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare),  common knapweed (Centaurea nigra),  barren strawberry (Potentilla sterillis),  meadow saxifrage (Saxifraga granulate),  common sorrel (Rumex acetosa),  field woodrush (Luzula campestris).                                                     Also, Seven spot ladybird (Coccinella 7-punctata) – and the stonework plant, black spleenwort (Asplenium adiantum-nigrum) found on the Church View Cottage side of the western churchyard wall.                                                                                                                     To find out more about the Churchyard Conservation Scheme please visit the NWT website:  https://www.


Proceeds from the day were divided between the Village Hall, the Church and  East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice.




23rd. January  2016:  BURNS’ NIGHT.

This little Limerick-or should that be Lerwick?- was sent  in by Kirsty Walden:-

Here was an evening hosted by Kay, Ian & Dorcas, evolved to a night both well-fed and raucous.

Food!!                                                                                                                                                    And then drinking….and dancing  without thinking!  No wonder the Caller did ‘Walk’ us!!                                                                                                                         [ Thanks Kirsty!]

What was a joy it was to have two families with children this year and who joined in throughout. Great to see two pairs of young brothers and sisters tripping the                   “Gay Gordons” and the other dances!

And it was such a super evening.   Kay’s catering corps brought us a feast of locally raised Haggis, bashed neeps & champit tatties, a sausage casserole & a bumper bean ‘goulash’-followed by ‘Tipsy Laird’ trifle, Blueberry tarts and refreshing fruit salad. (as always, many thanks to the army of ‘bashers & mashers!)   We toasted the Lassies and the Lassies from the burgeoning Bar and were regaled by the yarn of the Peripatetic Piper!

And then:-Janet, with the help of Jack at helm led us through a good variety of traditional Scottish Country Dances, albeit with a dash of licence thrown in! Her humerous style, as always, provided such great fun…..with people stating that they had not laughed so much in a very long time! (might that have been same time last year?)

An evening that was a credit to all involved!  A “must-have” occasion for years to come!

The night raised £275 for Village Hall Funds plus whatever the Bar brought in!





Marham Bluebells in All Saints' Church.

Marham Bluebells in All Saints’ Church.

On  the evening of September 26th around fifty of us congregated to be uplifted by the beautiful voices of this wonderful Military Wives Choir.  a lovely buffet was enjoyed in the interval and valuable funds were raised for the urgent reparations of the church.  Thank you to all who supported this great occasion.


The ONE HUNDRED CLUB GRAND DRAW took place at the Harvest Supper on Oct 4th.   The £100 first prize was drawn for Thomas Ward, (Kay & Ian’s middle grandson). The £50 prize went to the Jason Jeary family and £35 to Mr & Mrs G. Paris, (friends of Sue Pearson).  Thank you to all members over the past years and for your continuing support in the coming twelve months.  There has been a drop in membership over the last couple of years for various reasons  so any new-recruitment will be very welcome.  Thank you very much if you could help.    The annual sub. continues at £10-with monthly draws of £20, £10 & £5.  Over the past thirty years your Club has provided much fun – and most importantly, a great deal of valuable financial support to your Village Hall.  

Thank you for belonging.  Kay, Ian & Susan. 


October 17th.   Four Plus One 4 Jazz.  A return visit, by request.

IMG_7412A super evening of live music from this accomplished and entertaining “quintet” in the Village Hall tore us away from “Strictly” for a few very happy hours!                                          So good to see the Hall full of friends, neighbours and also most welcome guests from further afield.                                                                                                                                             It is hoped that the Jazz-men can be tempted back sometime next year…….watch this pace!


Burns’ Night Haggis Supper and Ceilidh on January 24th gave its perennial         “Feast of Fun” to about sixty revellers!      Around £270 was raised for Hall Funds plus the Bar had never a quiet moment adding £241!

The Selkirk Grace and Burns’ “Address to a Haggis” were pronounced by Mr. John Jennings.  The Haggis was paraded by Mr. Jack Goldie, supported by Callie  Walton and Hamish McKnittie, the Piper!


After supper the ‘Toast to the Lassies’ was made by Mr. Jim Benton with the hearty response of his wife, Mrs. Jayne Benton

The evening was completed with the Scottish Dancing being ‘stoutly’ called byMrs. Janet Bowles, to the delight of all!

The Jan.One Hundred Draw was made here and the winners were:

1st; Andrew Pearson, 2nd; Maurice Crowe and 3rd; Jan O’Regan.

Should Auld Acquaintance be Forgot for Auld Langs Syne?       No,  nay, never!!


The Turkey Supper on December 13th.  raised the marvellous sum of £548 for the Church.

Linda, Carol and Jayne thank ever!yone who helped in every way to make this such a happy and successful occasion!

!November 29th. saw the Village Hall hosting Mandolinists Extaordinaire Simon Mayor and Hilary James with an audience from not only within our own small community but of visitors from far and wide – Colchester, Essex; Sutton Bridge, Lincs – as well as our surrounding villages.  It was a privilege to welcome so many into our Village Hall!

November 15th.

Christmas Arts & Crafts Fayre:

This event filled the Hall with Stall-holders and customers.  Some wonderful purchases were made and  delicious refreshments consumed!                                   Around £200 was raised for Church funds, so many thanks are due to everyone who came and gave their support and custom to this annual event.                                   Thank you all.

 Four 4 Jazz!

Wood Norton Village Stage

Wood Norton Village Stage

What a superb night we had!  The great sound of this Band is sprinkled throughout with a rare mix of humour and “join-inable” vocals!                                                         And of course the famous Wood Norton buffet spread was its usual feast!               Should you see this band playing nearby, please go and enjoy!


October 11th:  Oktoberfest!

A truly “Teutonic Romp” of song & dance, with a bevy of Bavarian Beauties and their hearty Hirsute Herren!  together with  a fine feast of Frankfurtian fare!autumn 2014 151

A good time was had by all………………..and the Annual One Hundred Club Draw was made; £100 to Sue Pearson, £50 to Andrew Pearson and £30 to Larry Condon.           As always, thank you to our members. Your support is greatly appreciated.


September, 13th: and another great Quiz-night to exercise and feed the minds of around fifty regulars and some very welcome new faces! The fish & chips went down a treat!

The 100 Club Draws have been made for:-

August:  1st.; Valerie & Ken James, 2nd.; Sam Ford, 3rd.; Carol Robson.

September: Diana Stevens, Jan O’Regan, Graham Aldridge.

October: Sue Pearson, Andrew Pearson, Larry Condon.

November: Sandra & Terry Henderson, Birute & Michael Bell, Sheila Jarvis.

December: Rosemary Ditchman, Peter Meade, Priscilla Judson.

2015. January: Andrew Pearson; Maurice Crowe; Jan O’Reagan.

February:  Loraine O’Keefe & Doug Walker; Simon Crowe; The Cullum family.

March:  Jonathan Hollins; Karl Dakin; Sam Ford.

April:  Emma Crowe; Larry Condon; Gillian Hopper.

May:  Duncan Pearson;  Carol Robson;  Maggie & Terry.

June:  Eric Miller;  Maurice Crowe;  Sandra & Peter Eaton.

July:  Birute & Michael Bell;  Diana Cooper;  Reggie Pope.

Aug:  Eileen & Vic Jones;  Dennis Nudd;   Sue & Bob Avery.

Sept:  Kathy Hasler;  Sheila Jarvis;  Sue Pearson.

October Grand Draw:  Congratulations to:-

 £100: Thomas Ward,  £50: The Jeary Family,                                                                                                                                     £35:  Mr & Mrs G. Paris.

November: Dennis Nudd, Jayne Miller, Jim & Jayne Benton.

December:   Stephen Riley..  The Sheridan family,,  Tim & Jane Lidstone-Scott..


2016:  January:   Peter Mead, Hazel. &. Richard Palmer,  Birute & Michael. Bell.

February: Tim & Jane L-Scott,  Peter & Sandra Eaton,  Thomas Ward.














August 16th; was the Table-top Sale in the Village Hall.

A lot of fun and goodies, too! and a jolly good social gathering as well. After expenses about £60 was raised for hall funds and many a happy smile raised too!  It was a beautifully hot sunny day, otherwise there might have been a few more ‘customers’!

August 4th. 1914 – 2014

end july,early aug '14 090

In the evening of the fourth of August a candlelit vigil was held in church. Parishioners took time to reflect before, as occured throughout the Nation, the candle was extinguished at eleven o’clock.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.

The Community Orchard Picnic;

On Saturday, 12th July- after a week of truly nail-biting suspense, watching the weather forecast and a preceding night of “clattering” rain the Picnic went ahead as planned.

Blessed is he..!…….and around fifty folk forgathered for a feast!

A big “Thank you” to all who gave of their time, ale & hearty effort!!                             And, most importantly came to enjoy this great gathering of good neighbours!

Here are a few reminders of that lovely, hot day.july '14 & picnic 336july '14 & picnic 337july '14 & picnic 338july '14 & picnic 339

Here’s to the next time!  thanks, everyone!

(PS: any bright ideas for a fund-raiser for the Project eagerly taken on board! Thanks).



scarecrows & bits n bobs 055scarecrows & bits n bobs 056scarecrows & bits n bobs 057

scarecrows & bits n bobs 071scarecrows & bits n bobs 069        Jo  Thewlis, of Radio Norfolk’s Treaure Quest, finds the “Treasure” in our Church!

Scarecrows & more 039Scarecrows & more 038Scarecrows & more 041Scarecrows & more 042Scarecrows & more 044Scarecrows & more 045Scarecrows & more 047Scarecrows & more 048Scotland to Scarecrows 332Scotland to Scarecrows 341Scotland to Scarecrows 342Scotland to Scarecrows 343Scotland to Scarecrows 350Scotland to Scarecrows 351Scotland to Scarecrows 294Scotland to Scarecrows 295Scotland to Scarecrows 296Scotland to Scarecrows 297Scotland to Scarecrows 328

The Owl & the Pussy-cat raised Plenty of Money!!

The Owl & the Pussy-cat raised Plenty of Money!!

Table Tennis Club

Table Tennis Club

Out to earn a bob? It's all for Charity, Love!

Out to earn a bob?
It’s all for Charity, Love!

Scotland to Scarecrows 321Scotland to Scarecrows 317Scotland to Scarecrows 315Scotland to Scarecrows 311Scotland to Scarecrows 307

The Morris Dancers, from Chobham in Surrey were another Bonus!

The Morris Dancers, from Chobham in Surrey were another Bonus!

Scotland to Scarecrows 306Scotland to Scarecrows 304Scotland to Scarecrows 302Scotland to Scarecrows 303Scotland to Scarecrows 301                                                                                                                                                   The amazing figure of around £4,500 was raised by the ex-Straw-dinary efforts of everyone pulling together, yet again!  Congratulation all round!

Final figures, published in the August Village Magazine, £4,628!

£650 will be donated to the Air Ambulance with the balance shared between the Church & Village Hall.



One Hundred Club,

July Draw.1st, Mark Holins; 2nd, Emma Crowe; 3rd, Gillian & David Gedge.

June Draw.1st, Duncan Pearson; 2nd. Ken & Valerie James; 3rd. Iris Dive.

May Draw.1st. Dennis Longworth;  2nd. Rosemary Ditchman; 3rd. Lorraine Bradley.

April Draw.1st: £20: Eric Miller;  2nd: £10: Ros Condon;  3rd: £5: Reggie Pope

  March Draw.1st: £20: Bob & Sue Avery;2nd: £10: Kay Dive; 3rd: £5; M.Hollings.



Gardening ,the Musical!

on Sunday 16th March this cabaret performance, brought to us by Creative Arts East, saw the Hall filled with over fifty appreciative villagers and visitors from far and wide!

This was a great, cheeky, satirical musical revue, full of original songs that are sure to be being hummed and sung by many for some time!

If laughter is the best medicine,  there will be few ailments around for quite a while!!

march 19 2014 034


Quiz Night, on Saturday, February 22nd.

Around fifty Quizzers came to enjoy the competitive head-scratching and relish the Fish & Chip Supper!  They came from far & wide! – Broom Green, Guestwick and Stibbard , the Victors awarded bottles of wine and the vanquished team receiving gifts of Brain Enhancing “Smarties”!

The One Hundred Club winners drawn were -£20: Melanie Dagless, £10: Dennis Longworth and £5: Janet Longworth.    In It To Win It?  If not & would like to join in, please give us a ring – 01362 683731 – “double your money” every month or Reap £100 at the Harvest Supper!


Pub Night, on Friday, Jan. 31st.

The usual convivial gathering with some excellent  “Guest Ales” on offer,                                               as well as an  array  of tasty savouries, brought along on the evening.  Cheers!008

Burns’ Night on Jan. 25th

A super evening attended by over eighty “Rumbustious Revellers”!

The Haggis was brought in by Mr. Jack Goldie                                                                          led by Pipe Majorette Callie (Walden) MacKnittie                                                                     and the “Massed Pipes of the Plumber’s Offcuts Band”!

Robert Burns’ “Address to the Haggis”, recited by Ian, Dorcas, Dick & Jack, preceded the Supper, the Main Course from  our local suppliers;  the “Hand-reared, Free-range” Haggis from Rutlands of Melton Constable, the Succulent Sausages from Mr Baker the Butcher, Bawdeswell.  The Bashed Neeps came from  Bintree (Algy’s) Farm Shop & Champitt Tatties from Guist General Stores.  These were the “Estima” strain.               All prepared and served by Wood Norton’s Caring  Catering Corps –                                  and their Happy Helpers.

The Meal was followed by Mr. Dick Hart’s  traditional “Toast to the Lassies”,                         -romantic & ribald in turn- jovially responded to by Mrs. Dorcas Henderson’s “Reply”.  The “double-entendres” prevailed!!

Rumbustious Reels & Joyous Jigs followed  led &  called by Mrs Janet Bowles.

And she & Jack brought the evening to its close with “Auld Lang Syne”.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot?    No! Nay! Never!

Thank you to everyone who made this such a memorable & happy evening!

The Raffle raised £185 for All Saints’ Church Fabric Fund . Especial Thanks!

                                               The 100 Club January Draw was made:                                                         1st: Bob & Sue Avery;2nd. Marlene Cullum;  3rd. Steve Pigott.

New members always welcome, at £10 subscription for the year.

Please contact any committee member.

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