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Local police report

13th October 2018

Report to Wood Norton Parish Council.
County Councillor Steffan Aquarone

Adult care

The debate is widening about the future of adult social care in our county. I am deeply concerned that we’ll end up with a two-tier system whereby those without wealth end up with poor, undignified care – even though they may have paid tax and national insurance throughout their lives.  It falls to those of us who are mobile and able to express our views save future generations from denigrating, underfunded care in old age.  Please do contact me with your views on this subject:

Fire Service

Meanwhile: all three main political parties on Norfolk County Council are in agreement that to transfer the fire service from its current hosts, Norfolk County Council, to the Police and Crime Commissioner, represents a real and serious threat to public safety. I am pleased to have heard senior councillors speak out against the plans and urge anyone and people to submit their opposition to these measures by writing to the Police and Crime Commissioner, Falconers Chase, Wymondham NR18 0WW.

Mobile Libraries

I was relieved when, last year, the proposed 40% cuts to the mobile libraries budget were kicked into the long grass. However, it is now autumn and the grass is being cut again! This means that mobile libraries are again subject to planned decimating cuts and we are gearing up our campaign to oppose them. I have already received many letters and emails about this subject and urge anyone who has not visited a mobile library recently to do so. It is a fantastically well-stocked service with thousands of books available, including children’s books. Over 7,500 people in Norfolk used the service last year, and they include many of the very most vulnerable people in our community who have no other means through which to access literature. In addition, it is clear that if we expect people to participate in civilised society, we must give them the means to access its faculties, and that reducing the mobile libraries service would have a detrimental effect on the wellbeing of people who are at high risk of loneliness and social isolation quite aside from the fact that it is cheaper per book to lend books from a mobile library than it is via a bricks and mortar library on account of the large number of books borrowed on average per visitor. We will continue to fight against these cuts to a much loved service – one of the only visible county council services that people in Melton Constable division can access.

SEND Transport

I am pleased to report that we were successful in staving off the proposed cuts to special education needs and disability transport.

Steffan Aquarone


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