Crime Prevention

Suggestions to prevent crime

Garden Tools

At this time of the year we tend to be more active in and around our gardens. Are we the only ones? Our expensive garden implements are on display more often and could be a target. Countrywide in 2008 there was a 63% increase in the number of claims for stolen garden equipment. Here are a few tips to keep your garden tools and implements safe:

Don’t leave anything on display to tempt burglars. Once you have finished working in your garden remember to lock them all away.

Ladders and tools left out in your garden can be used by thieves to break in to your home.

Gravel drives and paths around your garden and home will create a noisy crunch underfoot that will deter burglars.

If your garage or shed has windows, it may be prudent to fit curtains or blinds to hide the contents.

Consider detection or surveillance systems to deter burglars. If CCTV is to be used, it is an offence to point cameras where it intrudes on  the privacy of neighbours’ or where it overlooks a public path.

Cocaine warning

During May the price of cocaine rose to a high of £45,000 per kilogram. One must assume that the street price will also rise and therefore users will require additional funds. This not only increases the amount of stolen goods required to feed such a habit, but perhaps a move into new areas.

Spare Keys

Do not leave your spare keys on display or in an obvious place in your home. A thief after entering your home will plan an escape route and keys will make this easy.


Car security

When you go for that long walk at the coast, place all attractive items in the boot prior to arriving at the car park, better still leave them at home or carry them with you (even that supermarket trolley coin on display could leave you with a broken window). Leave your glove compartment open to show lack of opportunity. Select a space in the middle of the car park. Cover to give sun shade could conceal a thief. It has even been known for thieves to strike at cars when we are visiting our dear departed loved ones.


The opportunist thief loves to find an open handbag, more so if a purse is on top of it or a shopping trolley.

Watch out when putting shopping in the boot and your handbag/keys are on the front seat.

Most men carry their wallet in a back pocket of their trousers, this is the easiest place for light fingers to remove it.

Make a habit of putting your purse/wallet away before leaving a shop or bank.

Large or valuable items

Most large or valuable items in your home, workshop/garage or garden shed have a serial number. It will only take a few minutes to record these and photograph the items. The Selectamark stencils can also be used on these. This will enable the police to return them to the rightful owner if they are stolen and subsequently recovered. N.B. The police actively monitor car boot sales and auctions and can refer to serial numbers of stolen property to ensure prompt return to the owner.

Working in the garden

If you are working in the garden, ensure your doors are locked. Do not leave keys in doors. A thief may not want your house keys but your car keys would make it a lot easier for the car thief. Are your work keys on the same ring? This could be very embarrassing!!!

Electrical Goods

The resale price of stolen electrical goods is reduced if a remote is missing. If you are intending a holiday or long weekend why not leave your remotes in your car at the airport, with a neighbour or well hidden.

Oil theft

Oil theft is prevalent at present, additional lighting integrated with an alarm is recommended. There is a new product on the market which alarms if the contents of a tank reduces at an unusual rate. Cost £150.