Village Emergency Telephone System (VETS)

The parish of Wood Norton has its own Village Emergency Telephone System (VETS for short)

VETS is designed to assist you if you are alone with someone who potentially needs the defibrillator.

With a single telephone call all of the VETS Helpers will be dialled. When the first one answers all the other lines stop ringing.

When the call is answered tell the Helper you need the defibrillator and your house name or number and they will collect the defibrillator from its village green location and bring it to you.

Please note VETS Helpers are not 1st responders but they will assist you in using the defibrillator.

You must call 999 before the VETS number.

The VETS number is 01362 788708

You may also access the defibrillator yourself. You press the clearly marked button on the cabinet and 999 will be dialled automatically. The operator will give you the code to open the cabinet.

For further guidance on when you might need to use the defibrillator and what to do in such an emergency, visit the other pages under Defibrillator.

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