Garden Tools

At this time of the year we tend to be more active in and around our gardens. Are we the only ones? Our expensive garden implements are on display more often and could be a target. Countrywide in 2008 there was a 63% increase in the number of claims for stolen garden equipment. Here are a few tips to keep your garden tools and implements safe:

Don’t leave anything on display to tempt burglars. Once you have finished working in your garden remember to lock them all away.

Ladders and tools left out in your garden can be used by thieves to break in to your home.

Gravel drives and paths around your garden and home will create a noisy crunch underfoot that will deter burglars.

If your garage or shed has windows, it may be prudent to fit curtains or blinds to hide the contents.

Consider detection or surveillance systems to deter burglars. If CCTV is to be used, it is an offence to point cameras where it intrudes on  the privacy of neighbours’ or where it overlooks a public path.

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