Multiple day packages available, eg weddings (contact us)

COMPLETE VENUE (exclusive use):
Residents of Wood Norton £9.00 per hour
Non-residents £12.00 per hour

MAIN HALL (possibly sharing facilities with users of the Committee Room):
Residents £7.50 per hour
Non-residents £10.00 per hour

COMMITTEE ROOM (possibly sharing as above):
Residents £6.00 per hour
Non-residents £8.00 per hour

WHOLE DAY HIRE 0700 to 2345 hrs (exclusive use):
Residents £75.00 per day
Non-residents £100.00 per day

Only available when our trained staff are free to man the bar.
If volunteers are available there is a set charge of £50 for use of the facility. We will let you know within a few days of your request whether or not we can open the bar for you.

A deposit of £100 will be charged for evening hire.
Other single bookings will be required to pay the full hire cost in leu of a deposit which will be forfeited if cancelled within 7 days of the booking.