Purchase and Location of Signs

It was decided that two signs would be purchased at a cost of £50. The cost is to be shared between the eight homes participating. Since the meeting, the Chair of the Parish Council has offered to request the PC to fund these signs. I will on our behalf ask him to progress this and keep us informed of the outcome. The signs are to be located on the B1110 on BT poles just prior to Stibbard Crossroads (Guist Side) and the Hindlveston side of Rectory Road. Repeater signs (£25 each) can be purchased if required for use on intermediate poles. Stickers for household gates, doors and windows will be provided following our registration. The doubts over permission to locate signs on poles have been resolved as BT has a nationwide policy to allow placement of signs with certain caveats. These are no problem to us!! We are not allowed to attach them to traffic signs or sign posts

We have responsibility to attach signs to the designated poles and subsequent maintenance.

The majority suggested that future meetings could be held at members’ homes to remove costs of Village Hall hire.

We discussed the marking of personal belongings to prevent theft. It was suggested  that visible etched markings (POST CODE) was the better option as the thief could see the markings which hold obvious disadvantages to them. The use of Ultra Violet marking is deemed to be a vehicle for returning retrieved stolen goods. Best we prevent the theft in the first instance. The Police approved etching system is SELECTAMARK, this can be purchased from the Police. Details will follow.

A Police security survey of our homes was discussed. PC Paul Willis on 01692 401095 is the man for this. He will visit at no cost to asses your home and advise on security needs to further protect your property

Discussion on the use of force against intruders was light hearted and source of some humour. The Crown Prosecution Service, following some high profile cases, have produced a leaflet.


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