Wood Norton from Above

These images were provided by Terry Stevens

The image below was provided by Kay & Ian Dive, and shows the cottages in front of the Sun Public House very clearly. Note the two fuel pumps to the right hand side.

On the image below you can see Hall Barn Farm, just prior to its conversion in living accomodation.


And the one below is from Rectory Road towards, what was the The Sun Public House. Notice the row of cottages in front of the Sun. Also one of Smith’s coaches is clearly visible.



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  1. Kath Pierce says:

    I have been looking at the photographs of Wood Norton, and wanted to say that I used to live at what was the Sun Inn Public House. I moved there with my grandparents 1957/8 and lived there until 1967, I can remember my grandparents having a copy of the ariel photograph, not sure of the exact date but probably around about 1962/3

    • George says:

      Hi Kath , hope you are well. Wood Norton will always be a very special place for me ,I still drive through the village from time to time xx

  2. Alison says:

    My ancestors , the Bucks and Dyes were from Woodnorton and surrounding areas, my grandmother was born in one of the cottages and her mother and grandmother before her, my mother remember holidays in woodnorton as a child stayin in the cottage.

    • John Wright says:

      Hello Alison, Jane Buck was my grand aunt who married William Wright. Would be nice to talk about our families. My Wright family moved to Newcastle and then to Australia ending in a sad death by a pig attack.
      John Wright
      I can be contacted by my email if it is allowed
      [email protected]

  3. David Dew says:

    I am Canadian and my grandfather’s grandfather lived in Wood Norton. My great grandfather emmigrated to Canada around 1886 and I have been trying to trace my roots further back.

  4. Justin Elliott says:

    Hi, I used to live at manor farm at Fulmodeston and I went to Great Ryburgh primary school. I used to go there on Smith’s coaches. Does anyone know if David or Meg Smith are still alive? Also , does anyone have any photos of smith’s coaches? Any information would be much appreciated.

    • tlscott says:

      Yes Meg is still alive and well. Google smiths coaches of wood norton norfolk and you will find several images.


  5. Justin Elliott says:

    Thanks for that Tim. I would like to visit meg next time I am out that way, but I haven’t seen her for years so she probably won’t remember me as I moved away from that area over 20 years ago.

  6. John Wright says:

    I want to visit Wood Norton as my fathers family lived there. The family names
    There seems to be two Wright families in Wood Norton but I can not link the two.
    My Richard 1825-1890 son of William Wright about 1793-1846 and Rebecca Platten 1798-1828
    Richard married Alice Wilkin most of the family moved to to near Newcastle. Alice died there. Richard remarried and brought 3 of his boys to Australia. Richard died of a pig attack. According the stories that had pasted down it was in Wood Norton. After much research we find the pig attack was indeed in Australia 8 years after he arrived.
    I sure would spend a lot of time in the church yard paying my respects to all the family the rest there.
    Thank you for reading this and I would be happy to talk to anyone that maybe related [email protected]

    • Paul Stearman says:

      Dear John, my name is Paul Stearman, I have just seen your post on the Wood Norton parish notice board. I have just started researching my family history, a large part of which has been in Wood Norton. I recall the name ‘Snowling’ but at this time cannot remember in what context! I thought that I would take this opportunity introduce myself as maybe we can help each other out as we develop our backgrounds, it may throw up ideas and leads that we could share to help us in our research?

      Kind regards

      Paul Stearman

  7. Paul Stearman says:

    Hi, I have just stated researching my family tree, as I child I spent many happy summers with my grandparents on my mums side at their home at 52 The Street wood Norton in the 1960’s, their names were Edith and Alfred Hopper. My parents names were Ken and Gary Stearman, I was also born in the village at Low Farm and lived there and in the street until I was 4 (1961).
    My grandfather I recall worked at Crows Farm in the village as a cowman. My grandmother I recall worked for Seaman’s Farm as a casual vegetable picker and was collected by a little van in the village to be taken to the fields during the summer months.
    My Aunty and Uncle Gillian and George Hopper also liked in the village on Church Road.
    Any ideas, help, knowledge , comment would be greatly revived so that I can develop my tree, thank you in anticipation. Kind regards Paul Stearman

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