About the Wood Norton Community Orchard

Formerly known as the ‘Pightle Project’, the inspiration for this venture came from a question in the Parish Survey. A significant number of respondents suggested they would like, and be prepared to volunteer towards the upkeep of, a community ‘space’ such as an orchard

We were fortunate to be offered the use of the ‘Pightle’ for a peppercorn rent over an initial period of 5 years, renewable given that the project is successful. We are extremely grateful to Mrs Olivier not only for her offer of the field, but also for the purchase of the fruit trees, a mixture of apples, pears, plums, cherries and gages all native to Norfolk or East Anglia. The word ‘pightle’ seems to derive from ‘pigtail’ and refers to an oddly-shaped small piece of land left over after other fields have been fenced.

Update: February 2015, as published in the Parish Magazine, (March edition).

We are delighted to announce that the Orchard is under new management.  Marshall Guarnieri and Alexander Judson have concluded the purchase of the orchard from Suzannah Olivier.  This transaction offers a secure future for the project, giving time for it to get really established – both in terms of the fruit trees themselves and as a community space.  this is extremely generous and we are all most grateful to Marshall & Alex for their interest in and support of the venture.

The first fruit trees were planted in the Orchard in 2012. More trees were planted in Spring 2013 and 2014.

The hope is that Wood Norton Community Orchard will become a haven for contemplation, a place for a quiet rest during a walk round the village or the venue for a family picnic. In the even longer term, there should be fruit to share, apple juice, and even, possibly, our own Wood Norton cider!


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