Regular Events and Activities

Apart from church services, christening, weddings, and funerals, the church already hosts a wide variety of activities:

  • Cafe Pew is open on the second Friday of every month for light lunches and the exchange/sale of produce, goods and crafts.
  • Words and Music is held on the first Friday of every month, where people meet to share and enjoy music (live and recorded), poetry and readings.
  • Cine Pew is held during the winter months, when darker evenings permit (usually the third Friday, from October to April).  Wood Norton’s own cinema attracts people from both Wood Norton and surrounding villages.
  • Exhibitions are held throughout the year, relating to village life and its history.

The PCC make no formal charge for any of these events, but donations are welcomed to help fund the escalating cost of electricity, and the licences necessary for films and music (approximately £150) when shown/played to a public audience.

The Friends of All Saints aims to complement these existing these events with fundraising events throughout the year.

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